Friday 17 December 2010

Sorry we said you were a Nazi war criminal

The Independent has had to publish this apology after making an unbelievable cock-up on its front page three weeks ago:

As MediaGuardian reported at the time:

The large front-page picture purporting to be Kunz showed a sinister portrait of a man in the uniform not of the German Wehrmacht or SS, but of Croatian wartime fascist movement the Ustasha. The Ustasha "U" was clearly visible on the front of the man's cap.

It appeared that the picture was a doctored still from The Living and the Dead, a 2007 Croatian film about the 1990s Bosnia war which also features flashbacks to the war in the Balkans in 1943.


  1. Bloody hell. That just takes the piss.

  2. In all honesty, although it is an extremely crass mistake, I doubt very much it was deliberate.

  3. Anonymous - I don't think anyone has suggested it was deliberate.

  4. I think the words "cock-up" strongly suggest it was a mistake...

    A pretty bad one, though. I would imagine heads are rolling at the Independent.


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