Monday, 6 February 2012

'The exact outfit she had on the day before'

As Mail editor Paul Dacre was telling the Leveson Inquiry that he was 'proud' of MailOnline, the website was publishing another of its blistering showbiz exclusives:

The article is typical MailOnline fare - get some photos of a celebrity, look at their clothes and the people they are with, describe what the photos show and try to make a 'story' out of it.

In this case, MailOnline hack Holly Thomas says Amber Heard was spotted wearing the 'exact outfit she had on the day before'. But the photos used in the article to prove this point suggest this may not be true. Look, for example, at the neckline:

But what of the claim that the pictures show that Heard has 'moved on' after a 'rumoured' split from her girlfriend and has been spotted with a 'mystery woman'?

Well, Thomas should have looked at this MailOnline article from 25 January 2012 in which Amber was out (in the same dress!) with what appears to be the same 'mystery woman' - who is identifed as...her sister, Whitney.

UPDATE: Within one hour of posting a link to the above on Twitter, the original article was removed from MailOnline (thanks Mike).


  1. The word "dross" just doesn't describe the inanity of this article.
    Just curious but has anyone else actually heard of her? This could be some random person off the street for all I know.

    1. To be fair, yes I have heard of her - she's an actress most recently famous for starring in Drive Angry with Nicolas Cage. She also came out as bisexual a few years back, which probably explains why the Mail is so interested in following her - that way, they can "speculate" about anyone she's seen with, male or female.

  2. Proud of this high quality journalism. PROUD, I says.

  3. Looks like the Daily Mail has done the Walk of Shame as the story has disappeared.

  4. err who is this woman?
    And do I really care if she wears the same dress more than once.


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