Saturday, 1 December 2012

Star's latest example of an 'embellished and inaccurate' headline

The front page of Saturday's Daily Star boasts an 'exclusive':

'Ash and Dec's Secret Jungle Date'. It's yet another story from I'm A Celebrity which has been on the front page of the Star almost every day since the series started.

Just below the 'Exclusive' banner we're told:

Sex-starved TV babe Ashley Roberts wants a date with I'm A Celebrity host Declan Donnelly after leaving the jungle, we can reveal.  

So the 'secret date' hasn't actually happened.

This comes two days after the Leveson Report said, in a section on 'deliberately misleading headlines' in which the Star gets several mentions (p.682):

What seems clear is that, faced with a fiercely competitive market, some titles have found themselves on the wrong side of the line between an attention-grabbing but accurate headline and an embellished and inaccurate headline.

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  1. But... is the Daily Star actually a newspaper? What constitutes a 'Newspaper' these days and should there be some kind of minimum requirement for what a 'Newspaper'actually is? Were this sold on the same shelf as 'Chat' 'Heat' or whatever other banal,celebrity gossip driven crap, so beloved of the feeble minded, would anyone care? The fact that this and other tabloids masquerade as purveyors of news or fact is my issue. Is there someway of re-classifying them as 'NotreallyNewspapers'? Or Comics for Thicko's Sicko's and Psycho's....


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