Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Mail loses Big Fat Quiz fight

In early January, the Daily Mail was trying to create another Sachsgate-style outrage, this time about Big Fat Quiz of the Year. It got very upset about some jokes on the post-watershed Channel 4 comedy show, and was desperately trying to get its readers to complain to Ofcom.

Although some did, there was a distinct lack of interest. As MediaGuardian reported:

Ofcom is understood to have received just a single complaint on the day the show was broadcast on Sunday 30 December, and just five more the following day.

However, after a series of Daily Mail front-page stories and the paper reprinting jokes from the programme in full on page 4 on Wednesday 2 January, complaints to Ofcom increased to 180.

On Monday, Ofcom announced it was not going to launch a full investigation:

An Ofcom spokesman said: "After careful consideration, Ofcom has taken the decision not to investigate this issue. In reaching this decision, we concluded that the programme was scheduled post watershed; it was preceded with a clear warning of 'strong language and adult humour'; and was consistent with audience expectations of a satirical quiz on Channel 4."

The Mail claimed the verdict 'shocked MPs and campaigners'.

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