Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Sun vs Gordon Brown (cont.)

This apology to Gordon Brown appeared in today's Sun:

In Trevor Kavanagh’s column of 12 November, it was stated that Gordon Brown accused The Sun of blagging his son’s medical records. In fact, Mr Brown has never made such an accusation, in Parliament or otherwise. We were wrong to use this erroneous allegation as a basis to make comments about his character and integrity and to suggest that Mr Brown was ‘not telling the full story’. We withdraw these criticisms and apologise to Mr Brown.

This is the fifth time that the paper has corrected claims about Brown in less than five months.


  1. from the guardian--

    Richard Caseby, managing editor of the Sun, said: "I'm pleased that Mr Brown is now finally on record confirming he has never accused the Sun of illegally accessing his son's medical record."

    so no attempt to deflect blame there.

  2. If the sun has it in for him, I'm disposed to revise up my opinion of the man. He must have done something worthwhile if he's attracted their ire.


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