Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Another front page fib from the Star

Yesterday's Daily Star front page:

Ignoring the sub-head, which must be one of the least appealing teasers ever, the main headline clearly implies Peter Andre has a new girlfriend and he's going to spend Christmas with her. The story begins:

Peter Andre can't wait to spend Christmas with an 'elegant and classy' sexy new love.

Hmm...odd choice of 'an' instead of 'his'.

Is that because of this:

'I’m a hot-blooded guy and I’d love to be coming home to someone,' he said. 'I am definitely ready for it. A new girlfriend for Christmas would be lovely.'

In other words: he hasn't got a 'new love'.

In other words: that front page is bullshit. Again.

How does the Star continue to get away with this? They even have the cheek to call this an 'exclusive'.

This is what the Star believes not only counts as an 'exclusive', but is a front page lead for a newspaper: Single man would like to have a girlfriend.

That really is a marmalade dropper, isn't it?


  1. Even 'BLOG READER DROPS MARMALADE ON SHIRT' is a more worthy story than this.

  2. Anyone would think they were making stuff up to try and sell newspapers or something?!? Crazy!!! ;o)


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