Saturday, 5 December 2009

Jon Gaunt and the tsunami of cliches

The Sun has quietly dropped the word 'daily' from the 'new blog of Jon Gaunt'. It seems their Littlejohn-lite couldn't keep up with churning it out every day having written 14 entries in five weeks.

And his woeful post attacking Gordon Brown's condolence letter (and Simon Cowell), which included almost too many spelling and grammatical mistakes to mention, has still not been corrected.

Eventhough it's stopped being daily, it's clear that Gaunt doesn't have the original ideas required to write such a regular blog.

For example, here's how Gaunt dealth with immigration in his first post, addressed to the Home Secretary, on 29 October:

the tsunami of immigrants you have allowed to swamp Britain.

He argues this wasn't racist; this blog argued using words like tsunami and swamp suggest he probably is.

The very next day, he wrote about a (non-existent):

secret plan to let a tsunami of immigrants into our green and pleasant land.

A few days later, on 3 November, he was talking about Alan Johnson again, who had:

arrogantly dismissed all our concerns about the tsunami of immigrants that are flooding Britain.

Hmm. On 30 November he was talking about the slightly curious story of a Somalian family living in a large house on benefit:

I am only just recovering form the tsunami of phone calls my radio show received to day from people outraged about the Somalian asylum seeker who is living in a house that is costing the rest of us taxpaying mugs £1600 a week in rent.

A slightly different immigration-related tsunami, but still he links the two.

And then a couple of days ago, guess what? A rant about 'New Labour social engineers' who have, apparently:

denounced any white working class person as a racist if they have dared to mention the tsunami of immigrants that Labour have let in to our green and pleasant land. A tsunami that has deflated wages, taken working class jobs and used up precious resources.

A tsunami of immigrants and they're all to blame for everything. Got that?

And just in case all that language wasn't sounding quite enough like the BNP, he wheels out the racist's favourite:

Britain is full

Even if he must talk about immigration in this way, surely as a journalist, someone who works with words, he can come up with a slightly different phrase once in while.

Ahh, but he's Littlejohn-lite. Of course he can't come up with something new.


  1. I think it's worth mentioning that the BNP use the phrase "tsunami of immigrants" on their immigration page (I was checking it for a university essay, honest). Just something about the word "tsunami," I guess.

    All these tabloid blogs are brilliant, by the way. How do you all manage to update these without sliding into severe depression?

  2. It's fairly well known that pre-schoolers learn by repetition; perhaps Gaunt, Littlejohn and the rest know the average mental age of their target audience...


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