Monday, 19 April 2010

Mail gets cross about flying the flag

A new poll on patriotism from This England magazine has been written up by the Mail under the headline:

In fact, the survey reveals only 6% of those questioned said they were 'scared' of flying the flag - rather less than the 10% who said they would 'happily' do it.

So why focus on the smaller group in the headline?

(Hat-tip Jim Hawkins)


  1. Because Paul Dacre couldn't be distracted from his colouring in for long enough to actually read anything before telling his minions what to write. Because he can't actually read unless it's in big writing.

  2. Something odd here - the reference to This England has been removed. Almost as if the Mail doesn't want people to realise that the poll is somewhat skewed in favour of the 'hell in a handcart' ex-pat anti-Europe, anti-foreigner brigade.

    Apart from Scouts doing a St George's Day parade I simply can't remember anyone worrying about St George's day or flying the England flag when I was growing up (I'm now 50).

    All sounds like another Liebour, PC gone mad bashing exercise to me.

  3. Slightly off topic but I saw this: on another blog nad thought of you. I bet these guys read the US equivilent of the Mail!! :)


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