Monday, 26 April 2010

Slightly out of touch

After last week's second leaders' debate, five polling organisations brought out polls about who had 'won':

  • Angus Reid/PB: Clegg, 33, Cameron 32, Brown 23
  • ComRes/ITV News: Clegg 33, Brown 30, Cameron 30
  • ICM/Guardian: Clegg 33, Brown 29, Cameron 29
  • Populus/Times: Cameron 37, Clegg 36, Brown 27
  • YouGov/Sun: Cameron 36, Clegg 32, Brown 29

All fairly close, with most of the results in the 30s.

But the Daily Express didn't have any truck with those, so launched it's own poll asking 'Who won the second debate?'

The results, published in the paper today, were surprising:

  • Nick Clegg - 4%
  • Gordon Brown - 6%
  • David Cameron - 90%

The Express has been supporting the Conservatives very vociferously for many years - certainly longer than the Sun. Although it backed Labour in 2001, when Express owner Richard Desmond gave the party a £100,000 donation, it switched back to the Conservatives in 2004.

It obviously knows its (dwindling) readership.


  1. Interesting Express poll from today:

    Which of the three main parties will you vote for in the General Election?

    Labour 33.9%

    Conservatives 29.1%

    Liberal Democrats 37.1%

    Seems like a mail online style poll 'reload' is in order


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