Saturday 11 September 2010

Accuracy is best

The Press Complaints Commission has published details of the latest complaint involving the Daily Mail, who this time stand accused of editing a letter from a reader and publishing it under a headline that misrepresented her views:

Mrs Clare Byam-Cook, the author of "What to Expect When You're Breastfeeding - And What if You Can't", complained to the Press Complaints Commission through Lewis Silkin solicitors. She expressed concern that a letter she had submitted for publication had been edited and, most importantly, published under the misleading headline ‘When Bottle is Best'.

In fact, she said, her letter was intended to promote better support for women who wished to breastfeed - which in the complainant's view was preferable. The fact that readers might have interpreted it as an attempt to promote bottle-feeding was, said the complainant, likely to damage her reputation.

The resolution:

The matter was resolved when the PCC negotiated publication of a further letter from the complainant in the newspaper. The heading of the letter was ‘Breastfeeding babies' and the text is reproduced below:

My letter of 25 June was published under the misleading headline ''When Bottle is Best'. I would like to make clear that my letter was not in fact promoting bottle feeding for babies over breastfeeding. It was making the point that changing the 'Breast is Best' slogan - as recommended by Breastfeeding network Chairman Lesley Backhouse - is not the solution to improve breastfeeding rates. Most mothers want to breastfeed, they just need more practical help when they are finding it difficult.
Clare Byam-Cook

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  1. And when the PCC say they 'negotiated' it, that means they said 'accept it or we dismiss your complaint'.


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