Friday, 3 September 2010

Express hammers EU, and gets it wrong, again

Here's Thursday's Express front page.

Has the EU actually 'said' what that headline claims?


It's actually a report commissioned by the European Commission, but produced by the (British-based) 'energy and climate change consultants' AEA.

There are very few references to the UK throughout the 99-page report and none of them suggest British drivers are to be specifically targeted, as the headline implies.

Once again, the EU Representative in the UK has had to deny the story. It is, they say:

Not true. The source of the story was a study commissioned by the European Commission’s climate action department to explore what emission reduction options were available in the transport sector. As such, the content of the report is the responsibility of contractors, AEA, and does not represent the European Commission’s opinion, recommendations or proposals for specific action.

Minority Thought has more.

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