Thursday, 18 November 2010

Here we go again...

I'm A Celebrity. Steamy romps. Girl-on-girl. Too hot for TV (2010):

I'm A Celebrity
. Steamy romps. Girl-on-girl. Too hot for TV (2009):

I'm A Celebrity. Steamy romps. Girl-on-girl. Too hot for TV (2008):


  1. And yet between 2008 and 2009, they increased the price by 5 pence... Amazing.

  2. I'm quite intrigued by the "Christmas nicked by Muslims" story on the front page of The Star. Brill. Hope you guys have a look at it so I don't have to add traffic to their website.

    Why is The Star obsessed with this? There must be some sort of contract somewhere? Having said that, the opening episode was the highest yet, so clearly, they have an audience....

  3. Christmas nicked by Muslims? Oh No! Also, what is Pudseys secret? Surely the Star isn't forming some kind of conspiracy against a childrens charity (which solely helps UK children)?

    More seriously though, nice to see the Star promoting the idea that only big chested women who get thier shirts wet/off at any oportunity on national TV are worthy of being reported on. Every Day. Nice message to send out to young girls who see these headlines in shops every day!

    Interesting to see them going on about 'steamy girl on girl action' in a positive light, when thier sister paper (The Express) is usually taking the more "Careful Now, Down with this sort of thing" approach!

  4. I read the 'Christmas Nicked By Muslims' earlier after I found a copy of this chip-wrapper discarded on a train.

    It concerns the decision of a local council to put up decorative lights for various religions. The council have also put up lights saying 'Happy Diwali'... Yet for some reason the Star didn't go with 'Xmas Nicked By Hindus'.


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