Tuesday, 16 November 2010

'Lack of care' (cont.)

When the Press Complaints Commission upheld a complaint about the Daily Star in September, it said:

...the Commission was particularly concerned at the lack of care the newspaper had taken in its presentation of the story.

The PCC is always telling us that adjudications are a serious punishment. Just yesterday, blogger Jamie Thunder published an interview with the PCC's public affairs director Will Gore which said:

One common criticism of the PCC is that it has no power to fine newspapers for serious or repeated breaches of the Code of Conduct, but Gore says that this “massively underestimates” the impact of the PCC’s adjudications on newspapers and editors.

Because we would hate to 'massively underestimate' the power of the PCC, we must assume that the Star has been ever-so careful to make sure the same 'lack of care' has not been present in other front page stories since that adjudication.


Well, they didn't do very well with the 'Chile mine to open as theme park' one. Or with the two 'reality TV' headlines on the same day which weren't exactly true either. And then there was the 22 October one about someone being 'out of X Factor' despite, at time of writing, that person still being 'in' X Factor.

And here's today's Daily Star:

Any similarity to the latest edition of new! magazine which, like the Star, is owned by Richard Desmond, is purely coincidental:

(As if that wasn't enough cross-promotion, one new! columnist was recently explaining how 'his friend' Richard Desmond would do 'fantastic things' at Channel Five.)

Essentially, today's Star is simply an advert for today's new!. The front page article even ends with the words:

To read the full story, buy new! magazine out now.

But the 'full story' - if it can even be called that - is already in the Star. Is reality TV 'star' Amy Childs really Peter Andre's 'new love', as claimed on the front page and in Gemma Wheatley's article?

Peter, 37, told new! magazine: “Amy has a massive following and has the potential to be a huge star. I’m meeting her in a couple of weeks.”

So his 'new love' is someone he hasn't even met? And previously he has said:

I do know that Amy is only 20 years old and therefore a little bit young for me! I’m very flattered but I think dating someone 17 years younger than me might be a bit weird.

So if she isn't his 'new love', how can Jordan be in a 'fury' about it? According to this tweet, she isn't.

It appears, then, that none of the Star's front page headline is accurate. Again.

And yet there are still cynics out there who 'massively underestimate' the impact of PCC adjudications...


  1. Having just seen the front pages for 18th November, I can't help but feel the Desmond Double act doesn't really care about "lack of care" or however hard the PCC slaps thier wrists.

    We have, on the Express:
    "4M MIGRANTS WORK IN UK, No wonder jobs are drying up"
    As well as an advert for an article about why it might not matter if the EU collapsed!

    And on the Star we have:
    "MUSLIM THUGS AGE 12 IN KNIFE ATTACK ON BRIT SCHOOL BOY, Deadly row over support of our troops"

    Because of course, non-Muslim kids are never thuggish, Muslims aren't British, Muslims can't join the UK forces nor are they being protected by said forces! They also somehow link this rare attack to an extremist Muslim group protesting about troops. Got to be the worst example of "Us and Them" this month at least!

    These papers clearly support the policies of the BNP and other far-right groups. There is absolutley no way they can deny this anymore after todays double offering. Desmond clearly wants a BNP Government, why is he so scared of admitting it to his loyal readers?

  2. I forgot to add that it's only a matter of time before Channel 5 starts becoming the TV version of the Express/Star. They may get thier news feed from Sky just now, but I can't see Desmond suporting Murdoch for much longer and I'd be surprised if they're still together this time next year.

    I know our TV news isn't great, especially Sky, but it's safe to say the Print media is A LOT worse. Just wait until this kind of thing makes it to our TV screens.

    "The headlines on 5 News tonight...'Now Gay, single parent EU Foreign Asylum seeker Immigrants threaten to use tax payers money to force Muslim Sharia Law only schools on the British', 'New miracle cure for Death on the horizon' and coming up later on Live at Studio 5, Melinda Messenger talks to Nick Griffen about the 'Good old days' his new series starting soon on Channel 5!"

    Slippery Slope.

  3. As of 25/11/2010 The Daily Express (and by extension the star will no doubt have an identical objective) is now fully supporting one of the main objectives of the BNP, to remove us from the EU.

    Now, of course some left wing people may be agianst the EU too for whatever reasons. But the language and mentality used in the Express in thier latest "crusade" is nothing short of a BNP newsletter! They us made up/spun figures that suggest 90% of people want out (can anyone here name anyone who has been asked?) and have created an online petition to number 10 which is dripping with complete lies, exagerations and mis-information!

    Are we sure Nick Griffen isn't secretly the editor-in-chief of this filth?


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