Thursday, 7 April 2011

The boundaries of decency

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled that the latest advertising campaign by fashion outlet Jack Wills breached their Code by being too 'provocative' and so should not appear again in its current form.

The Mail was, of course, outraged:

...the latest marketing campaign by the label, which specialises in expensive casual fashion, has fallen foul of advertising rules after pushing the boundaries of decency too far.

'Pushing the boundaries of decency too far'. So the Mail wouldn't want to push those boundaries with some leering description of those adverts. Would it?:

The first shows a young woman wearing a short skirt lifted to show her buttocks and the lower section of her knickers. The second shows a group beginning to undress on a beach. One of the men is removing one of the women’s tops. The third shows the group wearing only their underwear.

The fourth advert caused the most concern. It shows a young man and a young woman embracing and kissing. The man is shirtless and the woman wearing only knickers. The side of her breast is clearly visible.

Phwoar, eh? Still, considering the Mail's concern about how this brand is 'selling clothes to your children' at least it wouldn't want to plaster some of the 'boundary pushing' images all over its website, where children might see them, would it?



  1. You certainly cannot mention "pictures or it never happened" to the Daily Mail, can you?

  2. Latest issues of Private Eye has a story about Paul Dacre regularly calling his staff cunts! The hypocrisy is breathtaking!


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