Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Star misleads on the 'royal baby'

Determined not to be outdone by The People on misleading front page headlines about William and Kate, today's Daily Star claims in an 'exclusive':

This clearly implies that their 'exclusive' is that Kate is pregnant.

But then Emily Hall's article begins:

Kate Middleton will be pregnant within a year, according to Princess Diana’s closest confidant.

Andrew Morton, 57, reckons the newlywed will seal her regal status by planning a tot straight away.

Presumably, the more-accurate headline 'newly-married couple may have a child at some point after their wedding' wouldn't have been eye-catching enough for the Star.

Still, at least the paper isn't just reporting comments made by someone seeking publicity for a book they've got coming out:

Andrew Morton will release his new book William and Catherine: Their Lives, Their Wedding, on May 2 for the RRP of £20.



  1. Why does *anyone* ever believe *anything* this rag puts in a headline? Surely even their regular buyers must be getting wise to it now?

    And presumably even Andrew Morton's amazing psychic powers cannot predict that she will definitely be pregnant within a year, plans or no plans.

  2. I thought "Princess Diana's closest confidant" was (c) and TM of Paul Burrell.

    Looks like The Star can't even get that right.

  3. If I was foolish enough to buy the Daily Star purely because I wanted to know about the Royal pregnancy, would I be entitled to claim a refund when I discovered it was speculation?

  4. who exactly is "Princess Diana's closest confidant" a medium?


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