Friday, 9 December 2011

Mo Farah responds to Sun article

Today's Sun claimed that Mo Farah had 'told' sportswomen who hadn't made the shortlist for Sports Personality of the Year that they are 'wasting their time moaning':

The quotes they then attribute to Farah have him explaining how he felt when he was left off the list last year:

"It's one thing feeling like you should be nominated but actually getting nominated is another. I was disappointed last year. I had a great year and felt I should have been nominated. But I wasn't. I just said to myself 'I'll keep training and next year I'll make sure I'm there'."

On his official Facebook page, Farah has responded to the Sun's presentation of the article:

I would like to correct what was written in The Sun newspaper today. When asked about the people who missed out a SPOTY nomination I tried to explain that it is disappointing not to be nominated when you had a good year, as was the case with me last year. At no point did I say or imply anything negative towards the men or women who missed out. 

The phrases “…a dig at women….and wasting their time moaning….” are completely made up by the journalist. There were some excellent female sporting performances this year, some of which deserved to be in the top 10.

(Hat-tip to Sheri)

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