Tuesday 6 December 2011

Quote of the day

Daily Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn wrote about the Jeremy Clarkson controversy today:

I can’t believe the phoney furore over Jeremy Clarkson is still rumbling on, just because he joked that public sector strikers should be shot. The plot has well and truly been lost. Where does all this puerile hair-trigger outrage come from?

Complaining about 'phoney furore' and 'puerile hair-trigger outrage'?

In the Mail?


  1. Looking at the blue peter article from last year that you linked, they edited in in February (nearly 3 months after it was first published) so now it doesn't say the crown was burnt, but they are really vague as to what the problem actually is. They allude to it being 'melted', along with a Blue peter badge, which there aren't any photos of that of course. I haven't seen the episode so I don't know what happened (if anything).

    They still have the comments from the former presenter, even though she's talking about a version of the event which never happened in an attempt to make the article relevant. Classy.

  2. Oh no because the Mail neveeeeeeeer lead their readers in a charge of moral outrage and indignation at things said and done on TV/radio...

    Like Sachsgate? Or Frankie Boyle cracking a joke about the Queen?

  3. Hypocrisy? In the Mail?


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