Friday, 20 April 2012

'Doctors advised her to stay in hospital'

On 15 April, the Sun reported:

It was quickly picked up and repeated by the Mail:

Both claim the patient had been told to go for a walk 'on doctors' orders' although do not provide evidence or quotes to support this.

By contrast, the hospital - Darent Valley - released a statement stating:

“She came into the Emergency Department at Darent Valley late on Thursday evening, was assessed and was admitted to our Clinical Decisions Unit. Doctors advised her to stay in hospital. However, she took the decision to leave.”

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  1. Tragic as the events described are, I fail to see how the "Doctors Orders" bit is relevant to the story beyond flavour text even if it was true. Somehow I doubt said doctors pointed to a field and said "Go There."

    Much like the appalling "Child killed by Tree falling because teachers were on strike" story from the Mail last year, they seem to have abandoned the general rule about "Correlation Not Equaling Causation" in favour of... what exactly? I fail to see how blaming the doctors furthers the papers in question's collective agendas beyond a cheap shot at the NHS.


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