Wednesday, 25 April 2012

'We have never pushed our commercial interests in our newspapers'

Rupert Murdoch appeared at the Leveson Inquiry today. Under oath, he said:

I take a particularly strong pride in the fact that we have never pushed our commercial interests in our newspapers.


The first article this blog ever wrote about was this one in the Sun:

Here's the full text of this 'news' article:

WATCHING telly can help you beat the winter blues.

A top psychologist studied British TV and found a mix of bright colours, laughter and music can help lifts Brits from their winter gloom.

Sky psychologist Donna Dawson identified what cheers viewers up and has compiled the Sky+ HD Happier Days TV Guide packed with shows to lift the spirit.

She has rated each programme using the categories Colour, Laughter, Music, Bonding, Escapism and Inspirational so viewers know how it will boost their mood.

Donna explained: “Colour research reveals bright colours lift your mood and can help you to feel more positive, excited, happy or relaxed.

“Laughter has also been shown to release endorphins from the brain, the body’s natural feel good chemicals.

“By watching an uplifting film or intense sports event in High Definition, fed-up viewers can enjoy the invigorating roar of a stadium crowd in their living room.

Click here to see a TV guide to help beat the blues

“Or they can enjoy a bit of escapism by being transported to the setting of a far-away exotic nature documentary.”

February’s Sky+ HD highlights include the upbeat Abba musical ‘Mama Mia!’ on Valentine’s Day.

‘Mr Bean’s Holiday’ and ‘Run, Fat Boy, Run’ should also have viewers chuckling.

If you’re after escapism there’s other films like ‘The Golden Compass’ and ‘Happy Feet’ on offer.

While documentaries such as ‘Wildlife Photographers Widescreen’ could provide a much-needed dose of colour this winter. 

Gary Gibbon from Channel 4 News adds:

The “I-Sky” column in “Private Eye,” listing constant references bigging up Sky’s output in Murdoch papers, would presumably come as a bit of a shock.

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