Friday, 7 September 2012

But apart from that...

The PCC has published details of the complaint about a MailOnline RightMinds article by Allan Mallinson, originally headlined 'As thousands of servicemen are made redundant, how many will be turned away from homeless shelters that are packed full of immigrants?'

The complaint was resolved when the newspaper accepted that it had been incorrect to state that benefits could not be claimed without an address; it issued a clarification to reflect this. 

It also accepted that its figure of 25% of homeless people being former servicemen had come from a report that was published on the mid-1990s; it issued a clarification which indicated that the British Legion now put the figure at 6%. 

The newspaper also amended its article to indicate that although Somalis and Poles are accommodated in some shelters, they are not in a majority. 

It also accepted that accommodation in hostels was not free and that a homeless person must be in receipt of benefits, which have been linked to National Insurance payments in the past.


  1. There are more amendments than article there!

  2. So is it fair to say that the answer to the question posed by the headline is "none"?


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