Friday, 7 September 2012

The 'huge police hunt' that wasn't

This headline from MailOnline sounds serious:

The first sentence of the story then says:

A seven-year-old girl who went missing after she boarded a bus on her own almost sparking a frantic police search has been found trying to get another bus back home.

'Almost'? So the 'huge police hunt' was, in fact, 'almost' a hunt.

Skip to the last three sentences and:

Merseyside Police confirmed officers received a call from Mrs McGeehan at 6pm reporting her daughter missing and then got a call from the [bus company] security staff at 6.05pm saying they had found her.

A spokesman said: 'Officers were about to deploy resources and look for the girl when the call came in from the bus company employee.

'We were able to marry the two calls up and the matter was resolved without the need for a full scale search. This is no longer a police matter.'

(Hat-tip to Arnold at the Mailwatch Forum)

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