Friday, 19 April 2013

Star illustrates new story with photo from 2008

The front page of today's Daily Star includes a dramatic photo of an explosion in Texas:

As Scott Bryan points out, the same photo is prominent on pages 8-9, illustrating their double page spread.

The Star is reporting on the explosion yesterday at a fertiliser plant in West, Texas.

Unfortunately, the photo the Star uses is from an explosion at an oil refinery in Big Spring, (west) Texas in 2008.

(Big hat-tip to Scott Bryan)


  1. Is it true that the Sun published a photo which was stated (or strongly implied) as being of the Thatcher funeral crowds, when it actually wasn't?

    From what I have heard, it was actually a picture Jubilee and the giveaway is the Shard in the background, clearly still under construction!

    1. No, it's not true. The building in question wasn't the Shard.

  2. What on earth is nuclear about it anyway?

    1. Absolutely nothing. Presumably that's why they deployed the magic quotes of untruthfulness.


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