Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Sun admits error we knew about months ago

The Sun has finally admitted its 7 January front page story about a hit list of prominent Jewish targets was fictitious:

A PHONEY terrorism "expert" has confessed to duping newspapers and a senior politician.

Glen Jenvey has admitted making up stories about Islamic fundamentalism, including a faked list of prominent Jewish "targets", which included Lord Alan Sugar.

He revealed his scheming in an interview with BBC reporter Tom Mangold, aired on Sunday's edition of Donal MacIntyre's Radio Five Live show.

Jenvey told how he fabricated the list of Jewish targets by posing as a fundamentalist on an extremist website where he urged others to suggest names.

He then leaked the made-up list to a trusted news agency, used by The Sun, and online forum Ummah.com was wrongly accused of being used to prepare a backlash against UK Jews.

Jenvey - who had been described as "an extremely capable and knowledgeable analyst" by Tory MP Patrick Mercer - said: "I'm fully responsible for the story. The Sun was deceived.

"The Sun did not know that I was behind the postings.

"I would like to apologise to all the British Jews who we scared and I'd like to apologise to The Sun newspaper."

Of course, by writing all that under the headline Apology over 'terror list' con it makes it clear the apology is not from the totally blameless Sun (ahem), for its completely misleading front page, but from Jenvey. How convenient.

It also doesn't hint at how many other anti-Islam stories the Sun ran based on info from Jenvey.

More on Jenvey at Notes on Religion and Bloggerheads.

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