Saturday, 9 June 2012

Changeable weather conditions at the Express

Daily Express, 19 May 2012:

Britain's miserable spring will end in a glorious summer, forecasters said last night.

Sun lovers can start looking forward to temperatures in the 80s by the end of June.

Daily Express, 22 May 2012: 100F SUMMER ON WAY

Daily Express, 22 May 2012:


Britain is on course for the hottest summer for almost a decade, forecasters said last night.

Daily Express, 9 June 2012:

Britain faces another fortnight of torrential rain which could trigger the worst floods for almost a decade, forecasters warned last night.

A “devastating deluge” threatens to bring two months’ worth of rain before the end of what will be a washout June.

Daily Express editorial, 9 June 2012:

The weather is spectacularly terrible.

It looks as though 2012 might well turn out to be a year without a summer.


  1. Don't know if you noticed, but the guy who used to be Positive Weather Solutions has come back with a different company name, and is still the one peddling these random "predictions". (See the current Private Eye.)

  2. Oh...kay. Meteorology is not the stong point of their forecaster. Is kicking the Met office really that important to them?

    Also, is it safe to assume, from the lack of hysterical, vaguely-volcanic malapropisms that they didn't use that description knowing of its prior use?


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