Friday, 13 February 2009

Mail: Sorry we called you vain and shallow

The Daily Mail has apologised to four women it wrote about in a 5 November 2008 article headlined: "How women are so afraid of losing their careers or their figures they're choosing adoption over childbirth."

The Guardian reports: "All four women said they had different reasons for choosing adoption, ranging from infertility issues to a concern to help children from difficult backgrounds. The apology ran down three-quarters of a column in Femail, on page 48 of [12 Feb 2009] Daily Mail, and concluded: "We are happy to clarify these matters and apologise for any distress caused to those featured."

Always enjoyable to see a paper claim it is 'happy' to make a clarification. If they were so 'happy' about it, why did it take 4 months to appear?

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