Friday, 13 February 2009

This is just getting silly...

More mock-outrage at the Mail, after a guest on Radio 5 called Geert Wilders a wanker. (BBC in new swearing row after Radio 5 guests call Dutch MP a 'w*****'). It was followed by American author Denis Lehane repeating the word saying it was 'great word'.

Another complete fuss about nothing at all, as the presenter apologised straight away both times. But it was said at 4pm! When children might be listening! Shock! Horror! Quite apart from the fact that just about every kid in the country will have heard or probably used the word wanker at school on a daily basis, this is just getting pathetic. And any of these kids who watches Buffy or The Simpsons will have heard the word used. The indignation of the comments on the Mail website is worth a laugh though.

(Notice the contrast with the Boris Johnson rant against Keith Vaz, a man who would probably cause a saint to swear, but Boris is Boris so he's ok to swear. The continual use of the word 'honest' about a confessed adulterer might seem a little odd though.)

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