Tuesday, 24 February 2009

A quick thought (cont.)

Only a few hours, it seems.

This Littlejohn piece on Binyam Mohammed ('Happy Birthday, Mr Resident') has all the same old drivel that he has written about every other released Guantanamo inmate.

He's not even British (although Littlejohn's knowledge of the asylum system is, shall we say, incomplete)...blah, blah...makes you wonder why he was out there....blah, blah...Guardiantista's and their human rights...blah, blah....books deals...blah, blah.

I'll look up the column he wrote on Moazzam Begg and compare sometime...

Key quote at the end: "his unsubstantiated claims of torture to bash America and undermine our own security services." Because torturing people doesn't undermine America or British intelligence, but claims of torture do.

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