Saturday, 14 August 2010

Littlejohn jokes about suicide

A few days ago, details emerged of a complaint against the Sun and its use of the word 'schizo'.

As if to prove shoddy journalism around mental health issues isn't confined to just one paper, here's Richard Littlejohn making jokes about suicide last Tuesday:

Fourteen workers at the Chinese factory that makes iPhones have committed suicide.

In Britain, elf ’n’ safety would have closed the plant for years while the windows were hermetically sealed; every employee would be given compulsory counselling and issued with hard-hats and hi-viz protective clothing. Blame Direct would be pumping out claims for com-pen-say-shun.

The Chinese have come up with a simpler solution, which keeps the production lines running. They have rigged up giant nets to stop workers jumping to their deaths.

Back of the net!

More on Tuesday's Littlejohn column from 5CC and Minority Thought.


  1. Ah yes. People killing themselves. Always a rich source of hilarity, at least in Littlejohn's horrible world.

  2. "Back of the net."

    Is he channelling Alan Partridge? Oh lord, Littlejohn probably admires him.

  3. I wonder, in the kind of general speculative way that skirts libel legislation, whether Littlething might possibly have a mental health problem himself? No, of course not! Sociopathy is a personality disorder, not a mental illness.

  4. I'm amazed, sickened really, at the new depths this creature continually uncovers. When are we as a society going to get the chance to publicly stand up to this scumbag?


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