Sunday, 8 August 2010

What will Star readers say?

On the day the Daily Star published its misleading story about halal meals for schoolchildren, they also ran this phone poll:

If anyone has the result of this poll, please do post it in the comments.


  1. Haven't found the response to this particular poll, but on the exceptionally similar 'ARE MUSLIMS TAKING OVER PARTS OF BRITAIN?' got a nice clear 100% yes - lovely.

  2. Can I take a wild guess? 98% in favour. I'm surprised they don't put the results on there website.

  3. Right now, there is an article on the HuffPo which is about the six "parlour tricks" Fox uses when pushing a story:

    First up: Rhetorical Questions. Rather like the one in the poll you pointed up.

    The Desmond press is borrowing from the masters of this particular dark art. Trouble is, we know that Fox is too good at what they do.

  4. I find it ironic that one of the questions on the link is Are we being ripped off? and the fact to answer the question the readers had to pay 25p to ring in or text. Just goes to show what Dirty Desmond thinks of the intelligence of his readers.


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