Tuesday 10 August 2010

'Wanky Balls'

Last Saturday's Independent included a report on the Big Chill festival which, it claimed with a straight face:

was founded in 1994 as the Wanky Balls festival in north London.

And where did the paper get that startling bit of knowledge from?

The Big Chill's page on Wikipedia. Oh dear.

As Kat Arney - who spotted the error - said in her blogpost yesterday:

Looks like someone’s been having a bit of childish fun editing the page – and also that someone at the Independent should check their facts a bit better.


  1. Jesus, that one's so bad. You'd think anyone who saw the words 'Wanky Balls' on Wikipedia would bloody check. It's like having a big flashing sign saying 'WARNING: THIS IS MADE UP'

  2. But now that that has been noted in a newspaper of record, it can be put into Wikipedia...


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