Friday, 14 January 2011

Daily Star 'news'

A fascinating piece of information from the Daily Star, which was the third highest story in their news section yesterday: model goes to same gym as Peter Andre, has never met him.

File this one alongside other Star gems such as 'model not going to be on Come Dine With Me' and 'model not going to be a WAG'.


  1. Many thanks - I really don't know how I could have made it through the week if this news hadn't been brought to my attention!

    To be fair, the Daily Star seem to be in on the joke, since every story has a *more 'news' here* button, including the quotes.

    Though sadly that is probably a style decision and the reporters are not intelligent enough to appreciate the irony - or maybe their website designer does it to stop himself dying in shame?

  2. They really should get in touch with me, Only this week, I've not visited Jupiter solo, not fucked Prince Andrew and not invented a cure for cancer.

  3. God, I feel sorry for Daily Star 'journalists'. All that training just to end up churning out this sort of drivel. How they must long for a job with a proper newspaper. What you really have to wonder at though is what sort of sad, dull lives must Daily Star readers lead that they find the details of non-events in other people's lives interesting?

  4. My cat finds The Star invaluable as a lining for his litter tray - always with the frontpage on top of course


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