Sunday, 23 January 2011

Update on Daily Mail plagiarism

The Cutline has revealed a few more details about the claim that the Daily Mail plagiarised an article from the New York Times last week.

Joe Pompeo reports:

By Friday morning Eastern time, the Daily Mail had removed the byline of reporter Liz Thomas from the piece, which itself had been edited and cut down significantly from its original form sans the lifted Times text.

But Thomas told The Cutline via email: "This has nothing to do with me. I did not write the piece at all. I am away on holiday."

So what happened here?

"I can tell you that an inquiry is underway to discover how this happened and [we will] deal with the matter appropriately," said Charles Garside, assistant editor at the Daily Mail, who noted that the following erratum was being appended to the piece: "An earlier version of this article was mistakenly attributed to the writer Liz Thomas. We also regret that a revised version of the article also failed to attribute the source to the New York Times."

(Many thanks to Minority Thought for the tip)

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  1. According to the link, the Daily Mail website is the second most popular in the world: my faith in humanity is declining.


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