Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Another newspaper falls for spoof Twitter account

The Mail and the Express were both caught out last year, and now it's the Independent that has been forced to apologise for being fooled by a fake Twitter account:

In yesterday’s Independent, Ian Herbert attributed quotes to the ITV football analyst Andy Townsend which suggested that he had made sexist comments on Twitter as part of the Andy Gray/Richard Keys story.

Those quotes originated from a spoof Twitter account. We apologise for any embarrassment caused to Mr Townsend, who has no connection to the @AndyDTownsend account.

Has the Independent not learnt the lesson of 'Wanky Balls' yet?


  1. Sorry this isn't really related to the post, but wondered whether you (or anyone else really) has had a chance to debunk this Daily Fail article http://tinyurl.com/634a3e8 which Nadine Dorries is linking to this evening ?

  2. Notice it says "In yesterday's Independent" whereas if this was the sun or the star it would be "In April 1994 we reported that..."

    Gotta give them credit for that I suppose.


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