Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Actor sneezes

More groundbreaking 'news' from the Mail website.


  1. Not so much a newspaper as a snoozepaper, as their slogan used to be.

  2. The Irish Mail On Sunday a sister paper of the Daily Mail has sunk to new lows

    It might interest you

  3. Fascinating. More shots please of Leo sneezing.

  4. No, the sneezing was quite exciting compared to the second photo further down the page of Clint Eastwood and Judi Dench. Man stands next to woman, reveals journalist. Now that's a story!

  5. Some of the comments are fun, though, including the capitalised "WHY IN GOD'S NAME IS THIS NEWS?" from Clarence in Tucson.

    Just about sums it up nicely.

  6. Indeed, why is this news, even celebrity news?

    Somethings about the Mail confuse me no end, such as why they moderate comments in advance and yet allow comments such as the one mentioned above. I understand why they monitor comments. It's so they can weed out any that are too opposing to thier own agenda. But why they allow ones through that show they're reporting to be a waste of time is beyond me.

    The only reason these articles are online and not in a paper is money. It costs them money to print this in a newspaper and it takes up valuable lie space. To put it online costs them nothing at all and will actually draw in some money. They can rattle off x hundred pages a week of nonsense celeb chat which will draw in brainless readers and will gain the Mail thousands in revenue from the adverts placed around the articles!


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