Thursday, 3 February 2011

Some things never change...

Tabloid Watch began two years ago today.

The first post highlighted an article in The Sun which was plugging Sky HD as the best way to cure the winter blues.

Two years on, the Sun is still at it. Yesterday, Rupert Murdoch launched 'The Daily' - his iPad-only newspaper. Unsurprisingly, Sun Digital Editor Derek Brown was impressed:

Some are calling it as significant as the day in 1788 that the first issue of The Times hit London's streets...

The American football coverage, ahead of this Sunday's Super Bowl, is presented brilliantly. There is a feature about what it's like to stand in the tunnel, accompanied by lovely 3D-style images.
There is also a section on top plays which has video running through tactics. The prospect of using this technology with proper football is mouthwatering.

Fashion also works well, with the ability to click on outfits for a more detailed look...

The Daily runs smoothly, downloads quickly and is a promising glimpse into what the future holds.

And it's not just them doing the cross-promotion. Richard Desmond's Daily Star continues to give free advertising to Richard Desmond's Channel 5 - the latest being this puff piece about some upcoming programmes, including the TV show linked to Richard Desmond's OK! magazine...


  1. Congratulations and thanks for continuing to challenge the press with the facts, here's hopeing this blog is around for many more years to come!

  2. On Tuesday or Wednesday night Sky news broke off from it's press review so it could show a two minute news story all about 'The Daily' is this a sign of things to come if Murdoch gains full control of BSKYB?

  3. I think cross-promotion of other Murdoch products is the least of our worries if he takes over BSkyB. You only have to look at the American news channels he controls to see where Sky News would be headed. People like Littlejohn would become our Glenn Beck's and what little balance Sky News has left would go out of the window!


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