Saturday, 12 February 2011

Not out

An 'exclusive' from the Sun's cricket correspondent John Etheridge:

And the reaction from Pietersen?

(Hat-tip to Kevin Marsh)


  1. Never thought to actually ask Kevin Pietersen or his management then eh,John?

    Sadly, I'm sure you'll go far at the Sun with this kind of top quality work.

  2. It's also "exclusive" in the Mail

    Is there a new meaning to the word "exclusive" these days?

  3. Ah yes, I believe this story broke on the Mail website last night

    so this is hardly an "exclusive" from the Sun. I'm not sure which paper ran it first but BBC sport credits it to the Mail.

    Amusingly, even before Pietersen reacted, cricinfo (of ESPN, the world's largest cricket website) were reporting it with a skeptical question mark in the headline.

  4. @ MOK
    Exclusive to the newspapers pages, as in so exclusive the story doesn't actually exist in the real world.

  5. That Twitter link now says "Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!

  6. Conor - Twitter produces different URLs when you are logged in compared with when you are not (there's an extra #! in it). So I have amended the link above, and, as you can see, the tweet does still exist.

  7. That's brilliant


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