Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Sun's 'exclusive' on a new Rooney baby

Following on from speculation about whether Princess Kate is pregnant or not, the Sun published this story on page three last Tuesday:

The 'exclusive' by Jen Blackburn stated:

Glowing Coleen Rooney has sparked rumours that she and hubby Wayne are expecting their second child.

The TV star and designer, 25, has stopped drinking alcohol and pals believe she will have a sister or brother for son Kai around May next year.

A source close to Coleen told The Sun: "Coleen has always wanted more children and she is absolutely glowing at the moment.

"No one has seen her touch a drop of booze for weeks and she is really looking after herself."

There doesn't appear to have been much effort to contact Coleen, who took to Twitter to say:

But what of the source - who the Sun described as 'close to Coleen' - and the claim she hasn't been seen drinking for weeks?


  1. Why don't any "pals" of Kim Jong Ill tell us some juicy stories about the North Korean regime for once? It's always about some boring non-entities isn't it?

  2. But "she is absolutely glowing at the moment". What more proof could you want that someone is pregnant? It sounds pretty cut and dried to me.

  3. Cleary a slow day in the news. Completely made up story, what a surprise from The Sun!


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