Tuesday 3 January 2012

Daily Star on thin ice

On 26 November, a front-page article from the Daily Star said:

David Beckham a contestant on Dancing on Ice? It sounded very unlikely. The first sentence of the article then stated:

David Beckham is considering an offer to star in Dancing On Ice.

So not definite, but 'considering an offer'. Was there an offer? That's not exactly clear. But there was an interview with Torvill and Dean in the Daily Record the day before in which the latter said:

"We did talk about David Beckham. He likes music so hopefully he has rhythm.

"We like the idea of an athlete from a different sport.

"You assume they are going to be good physically, but they aren't always co-ordinated as far as dancing goes. Beckham would be great."

The Star also claimed Justin Bieber was 'urging' Beckham to accept this 'offer'. But it appears the Star's Aaron Tinney dug up this quote from Bieber in OK! in March 2011 and included it to bolster the story:

"Next time I see David Beckham I will say that if he agrees to do it then so will I. I love all kinds of skating."

The Dancing on Ice line-up has now been announced.

David Beckham's name is nowhere to be seen.


  1. The Daily Star......The "Man In The Pub" of the tabloid world.

  2. More like the "Man waiting down that poorly lit back alley"


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