Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Un-Dressed to Kill

The Mail has decided to start the year as it means to go on - by publishing an attack on the BBC:

This time, Paul Revoir has had help from Adam Sherwin to pad out the story claiming the BBC was 'under fire' over Sunday's episode of Sherlock and that:

Viewers yesterday complained that the BBC had gone too far with the raunchy scenes

But the BBC spokesman quoted towards the end points out that they had not received any formal complaints 'at this stage'. What the Mail has instead is three comments taken from Twitter (out of 8.75million viewers).

So how shocking were these 'raunchy scenes'? If you didn't see the programme, never fear: the Mail has published the key screenshots on its website (in an article posted at 7:37am) and included a 'big blow up picture' on page nine of today's paper.

The comments on the article are overwhelmingly critical of the Mail, with several pointing out the selection of headlines on the right-hand side of MailOnline. These headlines include:

As one comment (Chaz McGlover, 10:48) puts it:

At least the nudity in Sherlock had some relevance to the plot, rather than just being an endless parade of women wearing little to nothing, presented as "news".

(Hat-tip to Chris G)


  1. The DM does seem to be getting a bit of a pasting in the comments tho. Again, they misjudge the levels of outrage, even with unmoderated comments.

    Did like this comment... "Won't someone think of the children ? Breasts aren't for children's eyes ! - Maud de Farquhar, Sodham Hall" I suspect that the name might be false. ;o)

  2. I left the following comment:

    "If the nudity was so "shocking" then why did the Daily Mail decide to reprint them for all, including children to see?"

    It got approved, got about 20 green arrows in the space of 5 minutes and then mysteriously vanished!

    Someone at the Mail must be letting through comments which don't fit the agenda and then another minion is cleaning up behind them!

  3. Nice. The first 3 words of the page title are 'Lara Pulver naked'. All the better to get those one handed searches, my dear.

  4. didnt adam sherwin used to write for the times? then the guardian?

  5. No congratulations also to the editor and proof reader who have allowed the following multi typo in the caption of the second picture:

    Racfy scenes: The nude Irene Adler flirts with Benedict Cumberpatch's Sherlock Holmes

    Obviously they were so outraged they couldn't help but be distracted by the apparent anger in looking at a woman's bare back.

  6. Wouldn't put it past the DM that the 3 complaints on twitter were written by DM staff/interns.


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