Thursday, 31 May 2012

Mail corrects Ephraim Hardcastle claim

The Daily Mail's Ephraim Hardcastle, 25 May 2012:

Labour leader Ed Miliband writes about his family heritage in a special edition of the New Statesman on the British Jewish experience. A far cry from a decade ago when the magazine was accused of anti-Semitism over an investigative article headlined ‘A Kosher Conspiracy?’.

Why the change of heart? Surely not because its senior political writer, Mehdi Hasan – a vociferous critic of Israel – has left to join America’s Huffington Post online news organisation.

The Daily Mail's 'Clarifications and corrections' column, 30 May 2012:

An Ephraim Hardcastle item last week suggested that the New Statesman appeared to have boosted its coverage of Jewish affairs following the departure of senior political writer Mehdi Hasan. Mr Hasan informs us that in fact he has not yet left and that the recent British Jewish edition was his idea.

(Hat-tip to Kevin Arscott)

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