Saturday, 12 May 2012

'MORE people are turning to the Express'

The Express has devoted 233 words in today's edition to patting itself on the back:

The Daily Express not only reflects the beliefs of middle Britain’s readers...but also entertains them, saves money on their shopping bills AND offers them the chance of a dream lottery win.

And, as the latest sales figures illustrate, that’s why MORE people are turning to the Daily Express.

Last month, another 10,115 people joined our newspaper’s readership.

We welcome them as warmly as we appreciate our existing loyal buyers. Like them, our new readers today have the opportunity to win up to £100,000 on the Health Lottery thanks to our offer of a free £1 ticket.

They will also enjoy all the other benefits that being a Daily Express reader brings, such as regular fantastic free offers that help cut the cost of the weekly shopping bill.

It means being part of the only national newspaper with the courage of its convictions to come out and say what a majority of people in this country believe: that it’s time for Britain to leave the EU.

And it means being entertained and informed six days every week by the fullest news coverage, most compelling features and women’s pages and up-to-the-minute sports reports.

Then there’s our unparalleled team of top columnists – from Richard and Judy to Ann Widdecombe, and Frederick Forsyth to Vanessa Feltz.

Put together they add up to an unbeatable bargain.

The Daily Express: value for money and representing your values too.

And they are right to say that from March to April, sales of the Express did increase by just over 10,000 per day.

What the Express 'forgot' to mention today was that from February to March, sales fell by just over 19,000 per day.


  1. Regarding Britain and the EU: what's courageous about stating something if it's the belief of the majority? It's either not courageous to say it or it's not the belief of the majority. In this case it's neither of those things, so well done the Express.

  2. Maybe they also count the folks who scan their front page every day and laugh their socks off.

  3. "Middle Britain"? What an excrutiating term. But I'm happy someone takes a stand for the beliefs of the people in Coventry. Or the ones whose mindset is stuck in 1453, I'm not altogether sure which.


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