Thursday, 31 May 2012

Sun struggles to identify people in photos

Yesterday, the Sun published an update on the love life of pop singer Mollie King:

Saturdays star Mollie King steps out with new man

The Saturdays star was spotted walking hand in hand with the mystery fella in London’s trendy Camden last night.

Wearing a white blouse, cream slacks and tan open toe heels, the 24-year-old beamed as she showed off her dashing new bloke.

The blue-eyed boy was smartly clad in a white shirt, black suit trousers and black shoes.

Then the identity of 'her dashing new bloke' was revealed:

A few hours later, the Sun updated their story:

Mollie's found herself a new King - But don't's only her gay stylist

Mollie King looks like she’s shot straight off the singles market as she walks hand-in-hand with a dapper man.

But fear not gents, the man in question is only her gay stylist, Frank Strachan. 

Today, a tweet from Daisy Lowe revealed that the Sun is still struggling to identify people photographed with celebs:

(Hat-tip to Nicolas)

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  1. The one question left hanging is, "Who the hell is Daisy Lowe?"


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