Thursday 9 August 2012

Express and Mirror apologise for photo error

The Express and Mirror have apologised for publishing photos of the Dutch dressage team, rather than the gold medal winners from Team GB, yesterday.

The Mirror says:

In yesterday's Daily Mirror newspaper a picture captioned Great Britain's gold medal winning dressage team was in fact of the Dutch bronze medal trio.

We apologise for the mistaken use of the picture, which was supplied by a normally reputable agency.

The Express has published an article about dressage - 'the sport riding high' - which ends with:

Due to a caption error by a picture agency, some editions of yesterday’s Daily Express showed a photograph of the bronze medal-winning Dutch dressage team instead of the victorious British dressage team. We sincerely apologise for the error.


  1. Nice "blaming the picture agency" rather than "apologising for being idiots" from both of them there. Textbook stuff

    1. God forbid it would ever be the fault of the papers themselves. Didn't they used to have proof readers and people who actually knew what they were doing or knew what they were talking about to prevent this from happening

    2. Yes, a lovely response. "Obviously, while praising them for being Heroic Britons, we can't be expected to be able to identify them ourselves."

  2. Isn't it amazing how quickly apologies can appear at times....


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