Friday, 24 August 2012

Mail corrects headline on foreign aid story

The Mail, 30 June 2012:

How your money is being squandered: The African village where EVERY family is getting £7,500 from the British taxpayer.

The Mail, 17 August 2012:

The headline of an article about international aid on June 30 said the British taxpayer was giving £7,500 to each of 2,250 households – equating to some 11,000 people – in a village in Ghana to lift them out of poverty. In fact, as the article stated, only £11.5million of the £17.2million is being donated by the UK, and the five-year project aims to help 30,000 people in all.

The headline has been changed slightly but it still includes the £7,500 figure, and this correction has not been added.

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