Monday, 27 August 2012

The wrong verdict (cont.)

When MailOnline publisher Martin Clarke appeared at the Leveson Inquiry, he had some explaining to do about the publishing of the wrong verdict in the Raffaele Sollecito/Amanda Knox appeal case.

It was, Clarke said, down to "human error and overzealousness" and stated:

"The thing than made me angriest was that there was no need for it… We had a thorough inquiry, as you can tell, advice was issued, firm advice, to people, and I’ll be very displeased if any of those things happen again."

Three days ago, a verdict in another high-profile trial. Granted, it was just one caption this time, not a whole article. But...

"Anders Behring Breivik has avoided jail after a court ruled he is in [sic] insane"

(Hat-tip to Kreuzberger for spotting this and taking the screenshot)

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