Monday, 13 April 2009

Here come the made up stories about Hell's Kitchen

A new series of a reality televison show begins, and the Daily Star has already run a untrue 'sex plot' story on its front page about said series. It has quite a bit of form doing this but obviously it sells. Daily Star readers really are THAT stupid.

So the latest is 'Sex plot rock's Hell's Kitchen'. What is this plot? Well there isn't one. Firstly, underwear model Danielle Bux has done some, umm, underwear modelling to promote herself and the show. And married couple Anthea Turner and Grant Bovey, who are both on the show, said that if they have sex, they'll have to be quiet as the walls are thin in the hotel (and that is an 'if'). So no sex plot. No 'promise to get hot and steamy'. Therefore, no story. Expect another tomorrow.

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