Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Will the Star write any old made up shit and stick it on the front page?

Yesterday I noted how the Daily Star had a misleading headline on its front page (again!) for what was possibly one of the thinnest stories that's made a front page for a long time. Well it's two in two days.

Talent Sue: The Movie reheats the idea of a movie of Susan Boyle's life. But it goes further.

It puts a pic of Angelina Jolie next to one of Susan.

The sub-head declares 'Angelina Jolie is up for the lead role!'

The first paragraph categorically states 'Angelia [sic] Jolie among big names lined up to play her.'

Anyone with any wit would already realise this is bollocks. But read further (as a clue, the continuation is on page 10...) and the clearly shameless journo Katie Begley writes:

Here are a few suggestions, some of them cheeky, of those the Daily Star thinks would be perfect for the role.

And it goes on to list Miriam Margolyes, Kathy Bates and Angelina Jolie.

So the Daily Star had a quick poll of their 'newsroom' and came up with the list which they then report as a factual front page news story. For a film that doesn't actually exist.

Truly, truly, pathetic.

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  1. Even have the nerve to post it as an 'exclusive'! The most sorry excuse for a newspaper I have ever seen.


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