Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Star apologises for made up story - for once

The Star has apologised to David Beckham for running a story about him and a blonde model that, shock, wasn't true. With the Star story now removed, you can read a version here. The apology says:

On April 30 we stated in an article headed “Becks & The Blonde Beauty” that David Beckham had made a play for Mariann Fogarassy after a recent AC Milan match and that he had invited her to a private party which was due to take place in Milan. We now accept that the story was completely untrue.

We unreservedly apologise to both David Beckham and to his family for making these allegations and for any distress and embarrassment our article has caused. We have also agreed to pay his legal costs.

Pay legal costs? That's another pay-out for Richard Desmond after all those Express' ones...

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