Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Making a link

From today's Richard Littlejohn column:

When I went to Sunday school, a million years ago, we were taught to love our neighbour.

I don’t recall ever being told that we should take an ‘eye for an eye’ literally. Or that the punishment for homosexuality was death.

Aged six, we didn’t even know what homosexuality was, even though we’d been warned to steer clear of that chap who was always hanging round the swimming pool.


  1. It's more than just a bit annoying when you write for a living to know that there are people like Richard Littlejohn who get paid enormous amounts of money to write such drivel.

    Aside from being offensive and ignorant, it's not even bloody funny!

  2. What an ARSEHOLE of a comment linking the two together. That doesnt just open many cans of worms, it offers bigots and bullies the tool to say "told you its true"
    Small clippets of errors all add up to misinformation and miseducation.

  3. Ugh. I'm so used to this kind of thing that it took me three readings of the quote to figure out what you were actually complaining about. I was just ignoring it as part of the usual media & cultural bullshit and looking for the offensive part.

    Littlejohn is a terrible person.

  4. //I'm so used to this kind of thing that it took me three readings of the quote to figure out what you were actually complaining about.//

    Yeah, I had that too.

    Although, to be fair, when Littlejohn was growing up (back, I'd imagine, in the 60's), I'd guess many conservative families would have made the same association between violent sexual deviance and homosexuality. Even me, growing up in the late 70's/early 80's had it drilled into me (phnarr phnarr) to be careful of the pervert in the pool/park/wherever.

  5. If LJ is going to quote the Bible at us perhaps he should try reading it (I appreciate that checking your facts isn't standard tabloid practice).
    I checked; what the New Testament says is "You have heard that it was said, 'Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.' But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also."
    But that's just Jesus for you, I doubt LJ would take any notice of that bleeding-heart liberal!

  6. See also: Littlejohn column in which Peter Mandelson lived in "Rue des Jeunes Garcons":


  7. It is interesting also that he says he was taught to love his neighbour.
    He obviously didn't pass when the test on that bit came up.

  8. "Well....I like a bit of homophobia, and I like a bit of Islamophobia. But which is better.....?")

  9. I beleve the love thy neighbour was in the story about the good samaitain where the hated foraner is the only person to show compoasion strange he should pick on that one

  10. @Anonymous (12:53)

    He may well have thought that kind of thing aged 6, or very well have been told that by adults and although it wasn't right to think that, back in those days it was unfortunatly almost the norm. Thankfully things have come a long way, but the tabloids are owned by and people like Littlejohn work for men such as Murdoch, Dacre and Desmond who still think nothing of slagging off and ever so slightly dehumanising Gay people (as well as of course numerous other groups).

    These newspaper owners are annoyed that these groups are now so socially accepted so every now and again try and poke fun at them to keep thier readers happy and make them long for the "good old days". Since they can't print full on derogatory articles (although let's face it the PCC wouldn't care and the Mail has come close with the Stephen Gately incident to name but one), they like to make links like these on the sly, knowing they'll get away with it.

    What Littlejohn is really telling us in his little throw away line is that we should be wary of Gay men as they may well have thier eye on our children, of course he's dressed it up enough to deny this.


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