Monday, 11 May 2009

Express totally gives up on reporting news

There are several noticeable things about today's Express front page. One is that it has a unusually large advert for Tesco at the bottom - it is very rare for there to be ads on the front of a tabloid - but I can recall one that dominant. (ignoring the Express' feeble wrap-around on the day after Obama's inauguration).

Two is the total lack of a mention of the MP expenses fiasco. Surely it couldn't be that the day the details of the greed of Tory MPs come out, the most vocally Tory-supporting paper wants to forget the story? The Express put it on the front page for the last two days, when it was Labour greed being revealed. (The main story on the Tories amounts to only 283 words)

Thirdly, the story itself. Secret of how to beat cancer is a standard Express health headline. And like most of them, the story is pretty thin. The 'secret' turns out to be that one way to beat cancer would be to lose weight.

Yes, at the Express, a story along the lines of 'being fat is not good for your health' is considered front page news. And almost deserving of as much space as a Tesco ad.

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